Blogs I Intend to Follow

6 Sep

I have tried many times to get into a process of regular blogging. I’ve tried different sites and different templates and I could never stick with it. I thought blogging just wasn’t my thing. But after looking at the syllabus this week I realized I frequent blogs a whole lot more than I thought. I read Her Campus all the time. I found them from a company I follow on Twitter, Bleuhive that tweets out different links to different blogs all the time. Bleuhive’s about me section on Twitter says: Our philosophy: Study by Day, Party by Night #Collegeprobs Stay tuned for news, and fun 🙂 They post blogs that pertain to college students with a wide variety of topics, from dating to studying to how to get a job. I read almost all of the blogs they post. Another one I check out a lot is Funny or Die. Just tonight I read a post, 5 Friends You Make During the First Week of College (But Never Speak to Again). Following Bleuhive has been a great way to check out other blogs that I normally wouldn’t come across.


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